Examples of dishes from our menu

Herring fillet with onion and soured cream

Beef carpaccio topped with parmesan flakes, served with basil and lemon sauce

Crunchy camembert enriched with the redness of cranberries

Old-polish white sour-soup with egg, potatoes & white sausage

Carmine borsch with home-made raviolis

French onion soup with crunchy toast & cheese

Royal Salad – grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, roasted walnut

Greek Salad – lettuce, corn, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, olive, vinaigrette or garlic sauce

Gyros Salad –Chinese salad, corn, meat, onion, ketchup, cucumber

Delicate pork-meat loins in forest mushroom sauce, with cheese tortellinis and grilled vegetables

Tagliatelle – pasta ribbons in a cream sauce with tomatoes and smoked salmon

Plateful of different taste dumplings

Salmon fillet with dill sauce and grilled vegetables served on spinach pasta

Grilled chicken breast in velvety sauce, with spinach tortellinis and color salad

Cherry fantasy – vanilla & fruit ice-cream sinking in a red wine & fresh cherry sauce

Beautiful Helen - pear served on vanilla and chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and advocat

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